Tubular frames conveyors

Tubular-Truss Advantage

  • Tubular-truss conveyors are superior in every way and only MARCO has manufactured tubular frames continuously since pioneering them 80 years ago.
  • Tubular-truss frames offer several advantages, comparing with angle iron trusses, which are standard in the conveyor industry.
  • Thousands of conveyors around the world stand proof that MARCO's tubular-truss frames last longer, re-configure easier, and withstand pressures of moving without bending.
  • No matter what kind of materials you are moving, whether they are hot, cold, abrasive or corrosive, MARCO's tubular-truss conveyors will do the job more efficiently over a longer period of time at a lower total cost.

MARCO Conveyors are stronger:

  • Tubular members - the most efficient structural shape for trusses – are stronger than angle frames of equal weight and depth, allowing longer spans and less deflection.

MARCO Conveyors are easier to assemble:

  • Unlike other brands, MARCO truss sections are interchangeable, making them easier to align, assemble, replace or rearrange. Because chord flanges connect with 4 bolts, it is easy to align the joints with a drift pin.

MARCO Conveyors preserve the life of the belts:

  • Pulleys, frames and mounts provide 100% more side-to-side room than most brands, which makes them more forgiving of misaligned or wandering belts.

MARCO frames last longer:

  • Cleaner frames for longer life - debris cannot build up on MARCO’s tubular frame, dramatically reducing moisture retention that corrodes material.
  • Rust-free on the inside – completely sealed chord end keeps moisture out.
  • Quality assurance throughout – all materials meet or exceed American Institute of Steel Construction specifications for structural steel construction. All welds conform to the American Welding Society Structural Welding Code.
  • American made steel