MARCO is uniquely positioned to provide the Material Handling industry with a selection of yard stackers that optimizes both productivity and conveyor life. The MARCO family of stackers is constructed of tubular components utilized in much larger solutions and provides capabilities from fixed elevation to radial elevating to heavy duty structure stackers for use in all yard applications.

Tubular Truss Fixed Elevation Radial Stacker (Model 636) Model 636 Yard Stacker Informational Sheet

The Marco Model 636 is a fixed Elevation Radial Stacker. Designed for the most rugged conditions, it features our signature tubular truss for maximum belt and frame life. Our first tubular truss radial stacker dates back to the 1950’s with hundreds still in use today.

Tubular Truss Elevating Radial Super Structure Stacker (Model 650) Model 650 Super Structure Yard Stacker Informational Sheet

The Marco Model 650 is our “Superstructure-Type” Elevating Radial Stacker. This one of a kind machine combines the advantage of the mast stacker with the heaviest duty elevating radial stacker supporting structure on the market today. Unlike the typical mast stacker, the 650 Superstructure is completely self-supporting for added strength, safety and durability. A true original, the 650 is another example of innovative Marco engineering.

Tubular Truss Fixed Elevation Stacker (Model 680) Model 680 Yard Stacker Informational Sheet

The Marco Model 680 is our Stationary Tubular Truss Stacker. The V-type surrounding structure is designed to keep material in the stockpile, not the supports. Our jig-welded tubular frame provides structural integrity unmatched by angle frame look-alikes, and bolt-together truss sections allow for easy installation.