MARCO was challenged by a customer to innovate on an old idea while reducing cost!   Channel frame conveyors have existed for years and they are used everywhere.  How can something so fundamental be improved?  MARCO did it by making installation easier.  Without sacrificing the best  ability to span distances in the industry, MARCO engineers designed the Model 450 for cleaner operation and  less cost per foot  than a channel frame conveyor.

You can now make “going green” economically feasible.  Conveying your material over longer distances is more cost effective  and you address a popular move to minimize emissions.  Our new frame can be hung from your ceiling in underground operations or it can be supported with supports in overland applications.

MARCO’s state of the art factory is designed to finish products with high end epoxy paints, galvanize, or use of rust inhibiting paints for very a durable coating on finished solutions.

Introduction to Tubular Span Model 450 – PDF