Continental Cement Production Plant

MARCO completed Continental Cement Company’s cement plant construction having earlier completed the design, engineering and manufacture of the systems.  The installation included:

  • Installation of the crushing plant
  • Screening material transfer conveyors
  • Complete storage and material blending facility

The completed project produces 1200 TPH of aggregate for the new cement plant.

The plant includes:

  • A Universal Engineering Maxcap
  • Simplicity 7×20 screen plant
  • Conveyor system to a 800 Foot Tripper Conveyor
  • Surge tunnel system for blending; aggregate, clay, clinker and high mag limestone

To accomplish all of the material movements required,  the cement plant utilizes 5,200 feet of MARCO tubular conveyors.

The plant had a capital cost of $11M.  However, Continental Company officials estimate a cost savings from other bids of $4M.